About us
The Orff Schulwerk Association of South Korea is a professional organization of music teachers who use the creative teaching approach for music and movement which was developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman. We are joined by our belief that learning about music – learning to sing and play, to hear and understand, to move and create – should be an active and joyful experience.
Korean Orff Schulwerk Association is a national organization of over 300 music educators, dedicated to teaching an exciting and invigorating approach to music education. Founded in 2004. KOSA has grown to include local Iinstitutions in Seoul and near Seoul, as increasing numbers of music educators and teachers realize the potential of this dynamic approach to music education.

Our mission

To encourage the development throughout the country of a holistic music education program for children based on the pedagogical philosophy and approach of Carl Orff
To promote, support, encourage and inspire classroom and after school music teachers through practical workshops and conferences.
To disseminate and publish information on music education using the Korean Music with application of Orff Schulwerk approach.
To provide a forum for Association members to exchange ideas on the teaching of music education and other forms of expression and practical application of the expressive arts.
To produce and distribute a national journal addressing issues relating to the Orff philosophy of music education
To organize and administer conferences and workshops focusing on quality music education for children
To cooperate with other music education organizations in order to further the objects of the Corporation

What we do

The Association organizes international Orff workshop for music teachers once a year. It is usually 5 to 7 days workshop on August. The workshop by internationally recognized instructors is practical and gives us new ideas to challenge.
We have 5 institutes which provide Orff based music education to the participants in Seoul and near Seoul.
Participants are involved in sessions which give experience in playing instruments, singing and movement. The institutions cater for educators, working in Early Childhood through to Upper Primary. Participants include classroom teachers, music specialists, studio teachers, and college students. Detailed notes are provided for each workshop. Teachers’ resources are also available for sale.
We also conduct Orff Teacher's Training Courses in 4 institutions. The courses are included Intro, intensive and practical courses with leading Orff Schulwerk experts. The courses provide the participant with knowledge and skill development, as well as experience in using the Orff Schulwerk processes with Pedagogy, Orchestration, Movement, Recorder and vocal Techniques.
We also recruit new presenters from those who have participated in the courses or workshop in other countries and run training courses to facilitate their transition into this role.
We are affiliated to other Orff societies and organizations throughout the world and we regularly invite experts from abroad to lead courses in South Korea. We have especially close ties with Orff foundations in German and Orff Forum and Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria.

What we publish

KOSA's Magazine, Orff People, is published twice a year. Some back copies of Orff magazines are available at the workshop or institutions. We're going to publish Conference booklets once a year.

When we meet

A general conference is held once a year, on the first Saturday of December. Committee members meet 2-3 times a term.