Institutions in KOSA
We also conduct Orff Teacher's Training Courses in 4 institutions. The courses are included Intro, intensive and practical courses with leading Orff Schulwerk experts. The courses provide the participants with knowledge and skill development, as well as experience in using the Orff Schulwerk processes with Pedagogy, Orchestration, Movement, Recorder, vocal Techniques and Group works.
To get a Orff Teacher's Certification, students should take 150 hours. Intro and intensive courses are offered during the semester, 15 weeks, or during the vacations, 7 days.
Practical course's offer depends on the institution's situation.

Institutions in KOSA
1. Korean Orff Schulwerk Music Education Institute by Kyu Sik Kim
2. Korean Orff Schulwerk Society at the Catholic University by Young Jeon Kim
3. Nortredame Orff Institute by Kwon Hyunkyung
4. Elemental Music Pedagogy Institute by Hee Sook Lee
5. Orff Music Center Institute by Hye Young Kim